Blue Coast Savings Reviews

Real Reviews from Real Advisors.

“ If you want to run your own business with high income potential and without any constraints, but have all the Processes, Support, Training, Marketing, and Coaching in place,  then you should absolutely consider Blue Coast.”.

“ After many years of working for Corporate America and previously owning my own company I can tell you there is NOT a better turn-key business opportunity to own and run than your own business with Blue Coast. You have ultimate control, no royalties, yet - all the Systems, Processes, Tools, and Coaching you could possibly ask for,  to ensure your success”.

“ In this economy I can’t think of a better business opportunity than Blue Coast. The years of effort and investments Blue Coast has made provide you with a proven system of success. With Processes, Training, Marketing, and Coaching support - all you have to add Is the effort. It’s an unlimited income opportunity in a professional environment with strong business support and good people to work with “.

“I looked at and evaluated many franchise opportunities, but once I found Blue Coast I was sure I found the right one for me. The ability to own your own business at this price point is ridicules, and when you consider all the opportunities and programs Blue Coast offers, it’s insane! The organizations structure is already in place, you have all the Programs, Tools, and Support you can imagine, ….including a closing desk to ensure your success. What else could you ask for”?

Sean joined Blue Coast in October of 2012 with a background in business consulting and sales

Sean M.
Raleigh, NC

Since the Benefits Reform program started my team has received a total of 10 preset appointments through a third part telemarketing firm.  Out of those 10 appointments 9 have been successfully run and the 10th is pending after the original appointment was snowed out.  Even though this is a new program thus leading to a lot of questions, to date none of those appointments has said “no”.  To the contrary, the reception we’ve received so far on each of these appointments has been extremely encouraging where we have found that this service meets a pain point that everyone is eager to find solutions for.

Mark joined Blue Coast in June of 2007 with a background as a Financial Broker

Mark E. 
Cincinnati, OH


I would like to say thank you for bringing the Benefit Reform Program to us.   This program although it is only three months old, has added an additional $2,500 a month to my bottom line and this is as a result of closing only 4 average size clients.   Can’t wait to see the numbers once we really get this revved up and hitting on all cylinders.  

The resources that you have brought to assist in closing business is phenomenal.   Two dedicated representatives, power point presentations, tax savings calculators, professionally produced video on demand, three webinars a week for prospects, two weekly training calls and closing call assistance, that is just a few for Benefit Reform but you have also integrated this business into the everyday tools such as the BSA Pro.

This Program is going to be a game changer for me and I look forward to see what you will bring to us next.
Chris joined Blue Coast in September of 2013. 

Chris is an MBA with a background in Sales Management and Consulting.

Chris G.
Lexena, KS

When I joined Blue Coast I was excited to have a dynamic product offering that not only put money back in the pockets of business but also created a fantastic income opportunity for myself. Less than six months later BC rolled out the Benefits Reform Program and it is truly a game changer. 

In the few months since the Benefit Reform program was rolled out I have developed relationships and am working on deals with companies from 12 employees to 25,000 plus employees.  One client we are currently working with would save over $40,000,000 annually, yes that is 40 million and they would do it while providing better benefits to their employees.    The program is simple to offer and the residual income from this program is life changing. 

I want to thank Shawn and everyone who worked so hard to take what was already a great opportunity and making it unbelievably better.  Here is to a great 2014 of growing together. 

Jeff’s joined Blue Coast in September of 2013 with a background in Sales Management and in earlier years, a professional baseball player.

Jeff M
Baltimore, MD